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Dai Shogi evolved from
a smaller variant with the
same name into the larger
15 x 15 board by 1300.
It was then the highest

 ranked form of Shogi.

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Dai Shogi - Opportunity Knocks.
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Dai Shogi Rules Page
This is the Lucky Dogs
page of rules for Dai Shogi


Dai-Shogi Games Page
A few beginners games
(there are no others!)
With illustrations

Ancient oriental wisdom
As true for Dai as it is for all
The page of 5 rings
is shared with other games


Dai Shogi is an easy game for Chu players to learn and sample large board strategies. A nice halfway house on the road to Tenjiku or Dai Dai Shogi

The strongest program to play Dai-Shogi is "Zillions of games".
IF you have the full version of Zillions then try these new graphics.

Click to download dai.zip now (file size is 654.36k)
Unzip anywhere, set Zillions to top left of screen and double-click dai.zrf

Dai-Shogi pieces, board and rules booklet can all be purchased from George Hodges. EMail George here or write to:
PO Box 77, Bromley, Kent BR1 2WT, UK

The best place to find an opponent and get
a game is
Richards Play By eMail server
Choose a user-id and password then sign up
& play some Dai-Shogi on the server (Free)

The diagram for the sample
opening below was taken from
Yojibee's freeware program

Download Dai.exe here

Once the major pieces are exchanged and if the position and pieces are roughly equal, agree a draw. This will save a lot of time bringing backward short range pieces into an action that will probably still end in a draw.

Lucky Dip


All 4 Bishops occupy the same colour on a chequerboard

All 4 Flying Dragons occupy the opposite colour!

Make a special effort to promote the Phoenix, Kylin, Side mover & Gold.

The Drunk Elephants promotion priority increases with danger to the King.

Exchange down with a piece advantage.

When behind in pieces, avoid exchanges and go for promotion and mate.

Defending a left side attack ? FL-10m
The Stone stays put (Cannon fodder)

A couple of Dai Shogi problems


Sample opening moves
1.P-9j P-7f 2.P-7j P-9f 3.DH-12n DH-9g 4.EW-10l Ln-9e
5.P-10j Ln-8g 6.P-6j P-4f (Ln8i P8j) 7.Ph-9k P-3f 8.Ph-10k EW-6d
9.EW-9k EW-7e 10.Ln-6k P-12f  (Diagram)

More quick openings, (not necessarily good!)

1.P-9j P-7f 2.DH-7i P-9f 3.EW-10l Ln-9e 4.EW-9k Ln-8g 5.EW-8j Ln-10i
6.Ln-9k Lnx11j-12i 7.N-13m P-8f 8.P-6j Ky-7e 9.P-4j P-6f 10.P-3j Ph-8c

1.P-13j P-7f 2.FD-12j Ln-7e 3.P-10j Ln-8g 4.Ln-10k Ln-6i
5.P-14j P-9f  6.VO-14k Lnx5j-4i 7.N-3m DH-7g 8.Ln-8i P-10f
9.B-9j FD-12b 10.R-14l P-12f

1.P-9j P-7f 2.P-8j P-9f 3.P-6j Ln-9e 4.Ln-8k DK7d-8c 5.P-3j EW-7d

6.DH-4n P-8f 7.EW-6l EW-8e 8.B-7j N-3c 9.GB-5i P-4f 10.EW-6k P-8g

Layout in the "cha-cafe"
Dai set up, ready for play.

Visit the cafe In Japanese

Steve Evans Shogi Variants.
A good freeware Windows program to play Dai Shogi and to
maybe store your games.
[Click for Shogi Variants here]

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